Integrated Arts Fine Art Portfolio
  Painting--Greetings from Long Beach

Fine Art. Painting by Mike Roy. Greetings From Long Beach.

Drawing--Fairchild Botanical Garden, Miami

Fairchild Botanical Garden, Miami, Florida. Pencil drawing by Mike Roy

Sculpture--Disco Unit

Site Specific Artwork. Mixed Media Sculpture. Disco Unit by Mike Roy at UCLA

Photography--Suburban Shaman

Fine Art Photography by Mike Roy. Suburban Shaman. Stockton, California.

Cyanotype Print--Night Island

Printmaking by Mike Roy. Night Island. Cyanotype, Ink & Copper Leaf on paper.

Interactive Media, still from The Universe...Desire

Interactive Artwork by Mike Roy. Interactive Opera. The Universe, Considerably Revealed, as a Matrix of Perpetual Desire. Artist's book. Digital media.

Ceramics--Disco Island Bongo Drums

Disco Island Bongo Drums, Ceramic sculpture. Saggar fired ceramics.

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