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Residence Elevation Drawing

This project's location in a heavily wooded canyon, and the Owner's sensibility, called for a rustic design.

Our team designed the interior and exterior of this house in a warm style that combined Arts and Crafts elements with a rustic "National Parks" sensibility

The project was executed as a feasibility study and master plan.

Architectural and Interior Design by Greg Andrade and Mike Roy.

Scale model overview

Residential architectural, landscape, interior design, Beverly Hills California. National Parks Style, arts and crafts style, carftsman, renderings and visualizations by Mike Roy

Entry court design
The hillside site made the entry passage from garage to front door into a steep climb. We envisioned the area as a sort of vertical garden, with a fountain creating a tiny grotto under the front door landing, plants spilling over walls and slender Eucalyptus trees (trees removed for clarity) in the center of the area, casting a lacy light over the vertical surfaces.
Landscape planning
Because the garage would become the only structure visible from the street--and therefor become the house's public face--we gave the structure more attention than a garage would generally receive. It had its own trellis work, windows and planters, echoing elements used throughout the project. A tower form anchored a busy portal between the house and a heavily used garden patio.
Architectural model
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