Fine Art Ceramics by Mike Roy
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Ceramics: "Elephant Jar" Ceramics: "Pineapple Jar" Ceramics: "Broken Lantern"
Elephant Jar, 1981. Saggar fired ceramic. Aprox. 14"h Pineapple Jar, 1981. Saggar fired ceramic. Aprox. 16"h Broken Lantern, 1981. Saggar fired ceramic. Aprox 12"h
These pieces were made in my senior year at UCLA's art school. They were inspired by Chinese funerary objects, Mexican folk pottery and early Etruscan ceramic objects I had seen in the British Museum in London. Ceramics: "Garden Pitcher" Ceramics: "Bird Planter"
Garden pitcher, 1981. Saggar fired ceramic. Aprox 14"h Bird planter and base, 1981. Saggar fired ceramic. Aprox. 20"h

Fine Art ceramics, pottery, folk art, majolica, service, serving vessels, jars, pots, pitchers, apothecary jars, Disco Unit, Disco Island, Disco Isles

Ceramics: "Majolia Pitchers" Ceraics: "Majolica Pitchers"
Majolica pitchers, 1981.  
All of the adjacent objects--the majolica pitchers, black punch bowls, service pieces and miniature apothecary jars, were made as part of my "exploration" of the Disco Island cultural artifacts project. The service pieces were used at the gallery opening party for the Disco Unit project. Follow the link at right for more about Disco Unit and the Disco Isles. Ceramics: "Disco Island Vessels"
Ceramics; "Apothecary Jars"
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