Integrated Arts Craftsman Fireplace Design
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Craftsman Fireplace Design

I designed this project for a house damaged in the Northridge, California earthquake in 1994. The framing for the fireplace was already in place, including some millwork elements.

Because there were a number of complex edge conditions where tile had to lap from a vertical to a horizontal surface with precision, I created a 3D computer model of the entire fireplace hearth and surround and sent the details to the file fabricators so that they could manufacture the handmade tiles with a good visual understanding of various edges and surface relationships.

The tiles are reproductions of Batchelder arts & crafts tile designs made by Tile Restoration Center in Seattle, Washington.

Peacock tile design

Batchelder tile reproductions, ceramic tile, craftsman design, arts & crafts, interior, architectural design. CG renderings and visualizations. Mike Roy, designer. Integrated Arts.

CG Study Model Craftsman Tile Fireplace
CG Construction Detail
Reproduction Batchelder Fireplace tile
Tile Restoration Center logo

Tile fabrication by: Tile Restoration Center, Seattle, Washington

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