Disco Unit Sculpture by Mike Roy
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Disco Unit Installation
Disco Unit
Disco Unit consisted of an outdoor sculpture installed on the plaza in front of Dickson Art Center at UCLA and a large array of additional objects, drawings, photographs and souvenir merchandise. The merchandise, including ash trays, posters and signed and numbered limited edition serigraph T-shirts was sold at the show's opening reception in the White Room gallery. Disco Unit, 1980. Ceramic tiles, lead relief plaques over cement and wood armatures with tape loops and lighting.
Disco Unit print invitation Disco Unit t-shits Disco Unit Souvenirs
Installation Opening reception invitation. Disco Unit souvenir stand. Posters, ashtrays, T-Shirts and postcards.
Artist Glen Rubsamen in Disco Island T-Shirt.
Lead relief sculpture Disco Island Drawing
Detail--Disco Fella lead relief sculpture. "Disco Island" Drawing. 32" x 21". Pencil on paper.
Disco Fella Photograph
Disco Unit Drive-through prototype
"Four Kinds of Disco Fella", Photograph, 16" x 20". Drive-through Disco Unit maquette. Mixed Media.
Disco Island Furry Bongo Drums
Ceramic Bongo Drums Ceramic Bongos
Disco Island cultural artifacts. Furry bongo drums, saggar fired ceramic drums.
Disco Island pottery Disco Island ceramic punch bowl Disco Island pottery
Disco Island ceramic service pieces: jar, punch bowl with base and cups, covered vessel.

Disco Unit sculpture by Mike Roy. Site specific sculpture, Disco Island mythology, culture. Ceramic sculpture, drawings, photographs, mixed media sculpture, relief sculpture, models, maquettes, souvenir aesthetic.

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