Fine Art Drawings by Mike Roy
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Pastel Drawing: "Pond" Pastel Drawing: "Porte Cochere"
Pond, 1998. Pastel on paper. 38" x 22" Porte Cochere, 1998. Pastel on paper. 36" x 22"
Soft Pastel: "Escape by Night"
Soft Pastel: "Keyes House"
Escape by Night, 1984. Pastel on paper. 60" x 40" Keyes House, Altadena, 1987. Pastel on paper. 41" x 22"

Fine Art, drawings, soft pastel, pencil, chalk mural, Absolute Chalk It Up, landscape, Pasadena, garden drawings by Mike Roy. Hoover Dam, Boulder Dam, Black Canyon, Hawaii, Pineapples, Grand Canyon National Park,Death Valley, Miami Florida, Fairchild Botanical Garden.

Soft Pastel: "Triptych" Pencil sketch: "Study for Gift of the Pineapple"
Triptych, 1983. Pastel on paper. 44" x 32" Study for 'Gift of the Pineapple', 1983. Pencil on paper. 36" x 22"
Pencil Drawing: "Study for Absolut Chalk It Up"
Absolut Chalk Art Festival Street Mural
Study for Absolut 'Chalk It Up' mural, 1994. Pencil on paper. 20" x 18".

Absolut 'Chalk It Up', 1994. Street mural festival, Pasadena, California. Aprox. 80" x 44"

Drawing: "Fairchild Botanical Garden, Miami"
Fairchild Botanical Garden, 1995. Pencil on paper. 48" x 20"
Drawing: "Black Canyon Project"
This is a study for a large painting or mural, combining three types of images--a stylized underwater scene, a technical architectural drawing and a landscape--of one of my favorite places.
Study for 'Section at Black Canyon', 1994. Pencil on paper. 60" x 32"
This is a proposal for four types of architectural fountains, a kind of object that I have long wanted to construct. These four are: "Businessman's Fountain", "Pineapple Field", "Baroque Girls" and "Grotto of the Toaster". Drawing: "Four Fountains"
Proposals for Four Fountains, 1982. Diazo Blackline. 36" x 24"
Pastel Drawing: "Paradise Diner"
Paradise Diner, 1989. Pastel on paper. 44" x 18"
Pastel Drawing: "Sequence"
Sequence, 1989. Pastel on paper. 42" x 22"
Pastel Drawing; "Quadraptych" Pastel Drawing: "Sextych"
Quadraptych and Sextych, 1989. Pastel on paper. 28" x 28" and 40" x 28"
Drawing: "Pasadena Playhouse" Drawing: "Arroyo Bridge"
Drawing: "Pasadena City Hall"
Pasadena Playhouse. Arroyo Bridge. Pasadena City Hall.
Drawing: "Glendale Railroad Station" Drawing: "Huntington Garden"
I made this suite of drawings of some of my favorite places in and around Pasadena soon after I moved to the area. They are all pastel on paper, 16" x 12".
Glendale Railroad Station. Huntington Garden.
Pencil Drawing: "Artist's Palette, Death Valley"
Artist's Palette, Death Valley, California, 1994. Pencil on paper. 38" x 20"
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