Site Specific Artwork, Hollywood, California
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Guitar Center Project, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood California
Guitar Center Flagship Retail Store

Guitar Center commissioned me to create a site specific sculptural facade for their new flagship store on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood. The design would need knit together the existing store (at left in the image above), a new building which had already broken ground and another existing building (shown at right) which was then vacant. The three combined building would become a single new store.

The project came with a number of specialized requirements, e.g., the building was to have no windows or skylights to deter burglary.

The "supergraphic" signage on the existing building was large, but hard to see as customers approached along cluttered Sunset Boulevard. Accordingly, making signage more readable from a distant perspective became part of the project design requirement.

Site Specific Art Presentation Rendering

Art in Public Places sculpture. Site specific Artwork by Mike Roy. Guitar Center flagship retail store. Golden Age of Hollywood theater marquee. Renderings, visualizations, photo-composite, photographic composite images, renderings and visualizations. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California.

Architectural Model: "Rock Walk"
Photocomposite Rendering
Photo-composite site study
The store houses "Rock Walk", a rock history display in the entry vestibule including handprints of famous musicians set in cement. Part of the project requirement for the proposed Art in Public Places facade was to expand "Rock Walk" onto the city sidewalk. This requirement lead me to create a trellis against the building. The trellis then became a guitar neck which casts shadows in the shape of piano keys. I designed the store entry as an updated interpretation of a "golden age of Hollywood" theater marquee. The marquee became a drum head glazed with colored glass, bathing the visitor in theatrical-style lighting as they entered and exited the store. Rock Walk Entry Drum

The guitar sculpture provided a spatial connection between the three buildings and energized the blank facade with its dynamic shadows. I specified brightly colored glass "Rockwalk" sign letters along the face of the trellis, so that each letterform would cast a brightly colored shadow during the day and become a jewel-like illuminated sign at night.


Site Specific Sculpture: Guitar Neck
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