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I created this patient information calendar application for Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC), a medical practice specializing in the treatment of infertility in Southern California.

The calendar provides patients with an easy-to-read set of instructions for their treatment protocol. A nurse or other medical staff creates the calendar by entering treatment information directly into the applet or by importing data into the calendar from a clinical records database.

HRC will initially use the calendar within its internal network, but the javascript applet is designed for the web, allowing patients to receive updated written instructions at any time.

The calendar provides extensive editing features, allowing the user to customize calendars as needed during the course of treatment.

The calendar can be readily modified for other medical practices and scheduling purposes. HTML links within the calendar can direct the patient to further information and instructions.

To run a demonstration of the calendar applet select the "Run Calendar Demo" button and follow the displayed instructions. Please note that all detailed medical instructions have been removed from this demonstration version.
The patient information calendar requires Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 5 or higher.