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Market City Caffe restaurant design

This restaurant project began as a freestanding building, featuring a courtyard covered by a canvas tent-like cover. I was commissioned to create the schematic design and these "design study renderings".

This was to be the fourth restaurant in the "Market City" chain, with other locations in Old Town Pasadena, California; Burbank, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Market City Caffe concept is built around the imagery of renovated brick buildings in "reclaimed" urban areas. For this project the owner was considering a more upscale location in a new development.

I generated these study models in Microstation software and rendered them in Lightscape.

Schematic design
courtyard and fountain rendering

Market City Caffe, restaurant design, architectural, interior, landscape, lighting design by Mike Roy. Integrated Arts. Lightscape rendering, Microstation modeling, models, fountains.

Entry door rendering Patio and fountain rendering

These Lightscape renderings served the function that a foamcore model frequently does in the early stages of architectural design--they established the massing and organization of the building. Later in the process building materials, lighting, signage, ornament will be integrated into the design.

Some trees and water features are shown schematically because they were important elements in the conception of the environment.

Eventually the client determined that it economically more attractive to start a new restaurant within a larger planned environment.

The project is part of the Birch Street promenade in Brea, California, in the northern area of Orange County.


Fountain and bar rendering
Elevation drawings, Market City Caffe
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