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Streamline Moderne Residence, Pacific Palisades, California
Completed residence photo
Before renovation photo
during renovation photo
Door design details

It was a great pleasure working on this project. After extensive discussions with the Owner I was commissioned to create a contemporary Streamline Moderne house on the shoulder of a canyon looking south toward the ocean.

The Streamline Moderne style suited the owner's appreciation for sleek contemporary design with sophisticated ornamentation.

I designed the building renovation, landscape, interior and exterior lighting and details like the tile in the master bathroom. For this tile layout I provided the builder with details and dimensions so that the decorative border (shown at right) laid out so precisely that no tiles were cut and the pattern continues around the room with no interruption.

Entry design
Fireplace design
Stair design detail window design detail
bathroom tile and millwork design

Allen Streamline Moderne architectural design by Mike Roy, Michel residence, Pacific Palisades, California. Landscape, lighting and interior design

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