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Art Direction "after"
Route 66 Motel "before"
Salome, Arizona

For this project we turned an abandoned motel on a near-empty stretch of Route 66 in Arizona into an auto repair garage "in Mexico".

The project required structural alterations to the original adobe building (to add the large blue doors), extensive set dressing and painting of both the outside and the inside of the building, as well as dressing for a chicken-hauling Chevy El Camino.

The project was done in a six day period and came in just under budget. Art Direction by Mike Roy & Linette Schorr.

Television Commercial Art Direction, set dressing, set design and construction, Route 66, Salome, Arizona by Mike Roy. Fiat Automotive, Paraflu.

Set Dressing, auto repair shop
Set Dressing, custom El Camino
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