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Web + Interactive Media Design Rendering + Visualization

Sophisticated graphics, technical excellence and imaginative solutions for business applications, educational purposes and community building. Special consideration given to writers, artists and musicians.

Visualizations, renderings and studies for architectural, technical, business, legal and entertainment productions. Traditional and digital media presented in innovative formats.
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Fine Art Architecture + Design

Art for public places, site specific sculpture, animation and works in traditional media. I take inspiration from the work of: Luis Barragan, GL Bernini, Chuck Jones, M. Duchamp, H. Matisse, GB Tiepolo, Kuniyoshi and the ukiyo-e masters.

Meticulously crafted architectural and interior design in a wide variety of styles. Exceptional attention to stylistic details, lighting and landscape design to create memorable spaces.
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Integrated Arts

Cheaper! Faster! Better! And just the way you imagined it.

Well, OK, I can't always be cheaper than everybody. But I do make sure that my services provide you with the best value for your money. Because I am entrepreneurial and efficient, I provide personal, attentive services at lower cost than a large studio or firm. Most importantly, I bring experience and creativity to projects to ensure that the result is just what you imagined.

Many years of working with hundreds of clients on a variety of projects have made me expert in quickly finding a design solution that matches the client's needs, budget and schedule. Some projects are simple and need straightforward solutions. But no matter how simple or complex the project, I provide careful attention to detail and a professional and enthusiastic attitude.

Some of my recent projects have included interactive web-based medical software, a web-based program to teach kids and young adults the elements of interactive narrative (by creating a global, ever-changing interactive artwork), interactive business presentations and a variety of renderings and visualizations.

Because I am highly skilled in both traditional media and digital arts I am able to offer my clients the best of both of these worlds. For a recent architectural rendering I photographed a building, built a computer model of a proposed addition, combined the images and made a traditional pencil and watercolor sketch of the proposed final project.

Creating interactive media requires expertise in fine art and animation, art direction and environmental design, user interface design and computer programming skills. Some of the tools and technologies vary between the visual arts, but all my projects follow the same fundamental principles of design clarity, efficient use of resources and creativity.

Contact me to discuss your project and see if I can't help make it be cheaper, faster and better. And just like you imagined.