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Tokyo Disneyland Themed Retail Store Design

This project was designed for the expansion and renovation of one of the most popular shops on the "Main Street" in Tokyo Disneyland.

Its primarily a card shop, and currently has only a tiny area for people to write and mail cards. Since the writing and posting is so popular I proposed creating a "British Library" table area and a map of the world with slots for mail delivery locations.

The reading table has a bronze globe of the world at its center; in keeping with the Victorian Mechanical theme already popular in the park I proposed a sun-time chandelier over the globe which would rotate every 24 hours, so that the chandelier's sun location matches that of the sun to the earth at any given time.

I envisioned the sales register area as a Victorian train station.

Victorian reading room
Main Street Post Office

I created this store as a sort of fantastically extended Victorian nursery--there are mechanical birds in a cage, prams are used for merchandise display; the architecture includes a fireplace and large puppet theater.

Some of the display millwork is detailed in Indian Bamboo and rattan and the ceiling is made of ornamental pressed metal. My favorite elements is a large upholstered bench in the form of Noah's Ark.

The ark is full of hatches, doors and portholes revealing even more animals.

Victorian Toy Store and puppet theater
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