Interactive Artwork by Mike Roy
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The Universe, Considerably Revealed, As a Matrix of Perpetual Desire
Dionysus waits Interactive music sing-a-long

Dionysus, asleep next to Ariadne, awakes in the night and realizes he's hungry. He forages around near the bed, but neither food nor wine is handy.

A little grumpy, he goes off to the kitchen. Bread. He'll make toast. He starts the device, inadvertently creating the Singularity event.

The Universe ignited by Dionysus' hunger evolves according to the interactor's decisions. Pineapples, and a staff of skilled technicians to manage them, are an integral part of the process...

After creating the Universe, the Interactor is serenaded by music made from the stuff of the new Universe.

Disco Fella animation
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The Disco Dance

This project will be presented as an interactive "artist's book". The book will include the interactive CD, made up of live action, animation, music and sound environments.

The book will include miniature facsimiles of some of the iconic objects used in the narrative.

Live Action film footage
At the Pineapple Factory
The Waiter
The Desert Blooms
Metaphysical Chicken and Eggs
Burning Saxophone

Interactive Artwork, Fine Art by Mike Roy, limited edition Artist's book, Digital media, multimedia, Integrated Arts, "The Universe Considerably Revealed As A Matrix of Perpetual Desire", Disco Unit, Disco Fella, Disco Islands, sing-a-long, music, metaphysics, genesis

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