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Huntington Reproductive Center
Women undergoing infertility treatment at this medical clinic need to maintain a sometimes complicated and detailed medical regimen. Currently, the nursing staff fills out detailed calendars by hand. I am creating dynamic, interactive patient instruction calendars for the practice to make this process simpler, faster and more consistent. Computers never get bored or tired, so they're good at filling out forms. In IT-talk this project is an enhanced front end for a patient records database. I will also create a stand-alone implementation.Huntington Reproductive Center.

Institute for Creative Technologies
This research institute is run by USC and funded by the US Army. Its mission is to help create the next generation of interactive training environments and explore uses and implementations of digital media for Army personnel. I created Macromedia Director presentation for ICT's 'Future Combat Soldier' project. In producing this interactive presentation I got to work with some of the most thoughtful, talented and idealistic people I've ever encountered. Institute for Creative Technologies.

Associated Student Press
Associated Student Press is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing journalistic excellence to high school students. They provide an interactive newsroom and multimedia "wire" where students at participating schools can work together to share stories, ideas and resources. I helped the organization with a Siggraph presentation in 1999 and created graphics and animations for their web site. Associated Student Press.

KPCC Radio, Pasadena, California
This National Public Radio affiliate station has evolved from a mostly-music station to a mostly-news station. Like all NPR stations, it does annual fund-raisers. I created colorful artwork and graphics for their 1995 promotional merchandise. KPCC Radio.

Digital Brandcasting
This marketing and consulting firm builds and hosts websites for entertainment and sports personalities, working to build fan communities for their clients. I created CG graphics and visualizations of network interaction and communication their business presentations. Digital Brandcasting.

Artists & Creators

James Dean
is not a dentist, although you can experience his root canal at one of the funniest websites I've seen. He is known to be an actor, but having conquered the world of television acting he has gone on to become a highly innovative artist, designer and photographer. He has created websites and graphics for many entertainment clients. James Dean.

Andrew Glassner. Andrew is a writer and filmmaker, and a computer scientist to boot. He is probably the most articulate person I've ever heard on the subject of the relationship of narrative and dramatic structure to game-play and interactive media. Andrew Glassner.

Mark Gray is in the process of completing "When Celebrities Attack", one of the funniest short animated films I've ever seen. He's also a cinematographer and screenwriter with the independent feature 'Pathos Bill' in development. Mark Gray.

Ted Nelson is the legendary creator of the Xanadu project and the author of the enormously influential books 'Computer Lib' and 'Thinking Machines'. I had the great good fortune to get to know him while I was a graduate student at USC's School of Cinema Television interactive media program. Ted Nelson.

Mark Pesce invented the VRML language, the first application for authoring and delivering 3D content over the web. He was the founding chairman of the Interactive Media program at USC's School of Cinema Television, where I worked as his teaching assistant. Mark is a longtime champion of interactive media, and I owe much of my own thinking on the subject to his excellent observations and insights. Mark Pesce.

Robert Wait is an extraordinarily talented composer and musician. He wrote the music for my project "The Universe,Considerably Revealed, as a Matrix of Perpetual Desire": an interactive opera. Rob has provided music for many Hollywood productions and recently released his first CD, the elegant "Public Display of Affliction". Rob Wait.


Organizations & Companies

Integrated Arts.org Did you end up here, at Integrated Arts.com when you were looking for Integrated Arts.org? Integrated Arts.org is a wonderful nonprofit organization dedicated to getting disabled people involved in the arts. IntegratedArts.org.

Leonardo Electronic Arts is a journal reporting on the latest developments in the interaction between the arts and the sciences. MIT press has published Leonardo magazine devoted to examining the relationship of art and technology for many years. Leonardo Electronic Arts is a monthly newsletter and journal. Leonardo Electronic Arts.


Digital Arts

NPR Rendering. The first time I encountered Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) at Siggraph 1999 I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought 3D computer graphics were destined to be pixels smeared across polygons forever, and here was hard evidence that it didn't have to be so. I still think its the most interesting thing going in computer graphics. Craig Reynolds has put together a great reference page for NPR resources. NPR and 'Toon Rendering Resources.

Soda Play. I'm fascinated with artificial life and genetic algorithms. This company makes software to interactively create playful geometric "creatures". Incredibly fun and beautifully put together. Soda Play.


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